Let's go somewhere amazing together!
  • Lets go somewhere awesome together!

Travelers commit to the WOW Vows helping to ensure
that every trip is exceptional from start to finish

  1. I vow to travel with my sense of wonder and my sense of humor.
  2. I vow to be a gracious guest and leave a place at least as good as I found it.
  3. I vow to be a respectful traveler – thoughtful of the people and places I visit and considerate of the people with whom I travel.
  4. I vow to be on time, or will catch up to the group at my own expense.
  5. I vow to rotate the front seat on the motorcoach.
  6. I vow to communicate any complaints to the tour leader privately. (i.e., I will not whine!)
  7. I understand that travel requires patience, a positive attitude an an ability to laugh. If I can’t relax and enjoy the journey, I vow to stay home!!

What our WOWees have to say

“India was the greatest adventure of my life. I’ve been to other exotic places, but nothing compared to the adventures I had in India. The people in the WOW Travel Club were exceptional, our guide was an incredible mixture of East & West, and the itinerary was well planned and executed.  It was delight to be able to share this experience with such great people. I will never forget my trip with WOW and I’m looking forward to more terrific adventures.”
Elaine Bern


Pura Vida? You betcha!

  Question: Can one go to Costa Rica (rich coast) and enjoy a non-coastal experience? Answer: Absolutely! I was fortunate to have received an invitation from Auberge Resorts – a collection of world-class boutique hotels – to visit their property in the southern highlands of Costa Rica. I’d been to the country twice before. Once […]

Carnival & The Kardashians in Cuba – Oh, nooooo!

I’ve often said that the day that Carnival Cruises starts sailing to Cuba – would be the day I would stop going there.  It happened this week. And the 700-passenger Carnival cruise ship is not all that descended upon Havana last week. The House of Chanel blocked off the historic boulevard, Paseo del Prado – […]

I (heart) Ireland – Part 4!

Ulysses, published in 1922 and considered to be one of the most important books ever written, is 265,000 words in 18 episodes. This blog about Ireland, now on Part 4, will never win any literary awards – but will hopefully keep your attention until I finish recapping the details of our extraordinary romp around Ireland! […]