Let's go somewhere amazing together!
  • Lets go somewhere awesome together!

Travelers commit to the WOW Vows helping to ensure
that every trip is exceptional from start to finish

  1. I vow to travel with my sense of wonder and my sense of humor.
  2. I vow to be a gracious guest and leave a place at least as good as I found it.
  3. I vow to be a respectful traveler – thoughtful of the people and places I visit and considerate of the people with whom I travel.
  4. I vow to be on time, or will catch up to the group at my own expense.
  5. I vow to rotate the front seat on the motorcoach.
  6. I vow to communicate any complaints to the tour leader privately. (i.e., I will not whine!)
  7. I understand that travel requires patience, a positive attitude an an ability to laugh. If I can’t relax and enjoy the journey, I vow to stay home!!

What our WOWees have to say

“I appreciate everything around me in a new way. I think the sad reality is that so many Americans have no knowledge of this wondrous place. I was definitely ready to come home but I am smiling thinking about the trip. Marilyn, you did an amazing job. You have a huge heart, you seem to accomplish the impossible and you do so with a sense of humor and boundless curiosity.”
Cynthia Cohen



Hotel design gone (mostly) wrong

  My husband and I are planning a home remodel in the coming months. I am often inspired by design ideas that I see in the hotels I inspect for my groups as I travel around the world. However, most of these will NOT be showing up anywhere in our home! I stayed at the […]

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How do you count your countries?

What exactly is a “country” anyway? People always ask me, “How many countries have I visited?” I’ve kept a spreadsheet for a couple of years to keep track of the ever-expanding list. Before publishing this article, I decided to cross-check my list against an “official” list of countries. But that has proved complicated. When I […]


Myanmar ‘n’ Me

Exactly 6 months ago, I arrived in a brand-new country. It was #65 on my list. It’s always a thrill to “collect” another country – and this one had been on my radar for a long time. The country? Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, in southeast Asia – which is arguably my favorite region in […]