Let's go somewhere amazing together!

Travelers commit to the WOW Vows helping to ensure
that every trip is exceptional from start to finish

  1. I vow to travel with my sense of wonder and my sense of humor.
  2. I vow to be a gracious guest and leave a place at least as good as I found it.
  3. I vow to be a respectful traveler – thoughtful of the people and places I visit and considerate of the people with whom I travel.
  4. I vow to be on time, or will catch up to the group at my own expense.
  5. I vow to rotate the front seat on the motorcoach.
  6. I vow to communicate any complaints to the tour leader privately. (i.e., I will not whine!)
  7. I understand that travel requires patience, a positive attitude an an ability to laugh. If I can’t relax and enjoy the journey, I vow to stay home!!

What our WOWees have to say

“I had been told that WOW trips are better than one could imagine, but the trip to Africa was even better than that! Everything was arranged for us, the hotels were lovely, the food was excellent, the company were instant friends. More than the animals and the natural wonders, we met the people, we heard their music and dancing and got a feel of their life. We created memories for a lifetime and have thousands of pictures to prove it! Thank you, Marilyn!” 
Nora Paller



Seven Things I Should Know About Venice

  I’ve been to Venice before. Several times, in fact.  For some reason – on this visit – I am stunned into the recognition that I know almost nothing about this watery wonderland. Several obvious questions have occurred to me, for which I don’t know the answers.  Every guide on every city tour I’ve ever taken […]

indian w head in sand

A Few Funnies for a Friday

Last week, I made many of you cry.  My “Good-bye” story received more comments and “click throughs” than anything else I’ve ever posted. I wondered aloud to my staff, “Maybe I should write about dead animals every week . . .?” No . . . not a good idea.  Shifting gears, this week’s post is […]


Saying Good-Bye . . .

I’d been steeling myself for almost two years. Two years ago, for the first time in his life, Rocky was really sick.  My vet – Dr. Marc Silverman – gave me a dire prognosis:  kidney disease and diabetes.  Furthermore, the treatments for each condition would exacerbate the other condition. I was stunned.  It sounded like a […]