What a WOW!

I’m wrapping up a fantabulous WOW! Travel Club adventure to Croatia, including a week on a privately-chartered 150 ft. motor vessel (though I’d call it a yacht!), plus a week traveling through Croatia and Slovenia. After working on the details of this itinerary for more than a year, it’s most gratifying when a great plan comes together! And, boy, has it ever come together!

I don’t have a lot of time to get this blog written, so I decided to compile a list of reasons why you should come with WOW! next year. (This was really easy to put together!)

  1. The Adriatic has the cleanest waters you’ll ever see and more shades of blue than you can imagine
  2. The freshest seafood you’ll ever eat
  3. Warm, inviting, down-to-earth hospitality
  4. Safety – no beggars, no gypsies, no touts, no security threats . . .
  5. Fascinating history
  6. Smooth sailing through coastal island waters
  7. Enjoy a brand-new, beautiful small cruise ship
  8. Sunny weather
  9. Gentlemen: you never need to wear long pants (even though a Croatian invented the necktie)
  10. Relatively undiscovered by the hordes
  11. Fantastic value
  12. Amazing wines
  13. The Great Wall of Europe (second only to the one in China)
  14. Delicious ice cream (for about a dollar!)
  15. Great roads, little traffic
  16. More than 1,000 islands (most are small and uninhabited)
  17. The Blue Cave (better than Italy’s Blue Grotto)
  18. Swim stops in gorgeous little coves during the hottest part of the day
  19. Virtually no litter or graffiti anywhere
  20. Hunt for truffles
  21. Experience gorgeous Plitvice National Park – a UNESCO Worl Heritage site

Of course pictures tell it better than any list ever could . . .

Click to watch slideshow!

A couple of more compelling reasons:

  • Travel with WOWees, the world’s greatest travelers
  • Prepare to be surprised and delighted at every turn
Here are the basics:

Cruise dates: June 23 – 30, 2018 plus a second week for an optional extension

Itinerary: Still to be determined (I’m not sure there’s any possible way to improve on this one – but I’ll always try!)

Registration: Once I’m back in the office and can get the final details ironed out, I’ll send advance info about registration to anyone who has asked to be put on my “A” list. Just leave a comment here, email me, call me, text me . . . Just don’t miss the boat! (But I had a back-up plan for this group – whose flight into Dubrovnik was delayed, so I had them transferred to the ship a la James Bond!)

These happy WOWees made a special entrance!