What is the WOW! experience?

Lots of companies offer excellent trips with good itineraries at every possible price point. Over the last ten years, The WOW! Travel Club has attracted and earned a loyal following of extraordinary travelers who value our distinct differences . . .

What’s different about The WOW! Travel Club?


  • WOW! offers group tours for travelers who dislike tour groups. Our groups are small, typically less than 20 participants. Everyone has agreed to the WOW! Vows (#1: I vow to travel with my sense of wonder and my sense of humor). We screen out the idiots. (We don’t want to travel with them, either!)
  • WOW! is personal. We plan a journey that we want to take, filled with extraordinary experiences. Then we invite like-minded travelers to come along. By the end of the journey, we’re all life-long friends – a family of WOWees.
  • WOW! is benevolent. We include meaningful interaction and personal connection with locals and community groups. Examples:
    • We supported a group of AIDs orphans who serenaded us from a riverbank on the Zambezi
    • We delivered books and supplies to an elementary school in rural Rajasthan
    • After a BBQ dinner in the bush, we taught our African chefs how to make s’mores (which prompted a joyful, spontaneous exchange of song and dance!)
  • WOW! is thoughtful. We don’t kill you off trying to see everything there is to see. Balanced itineraries include time to sleep in, shop, visit a museum or have a foot massage.
  • WOW! is limited-edition travel. We offer only a handful of scheduled, escorted journeys in any given year, keeping things fresh and fun; never rote and ordinary. A few of our journeys are available as “indie itineraries” that you can book for your choice of dates, with a minimum of 6 people.
  • WOW! is savvy. We might include a 5-star hotel, but only if the property is an attraction in itself (like a Maharajah’s former hunting lodge). Most often, we choose smaller, locally-owned boutique properties and spend the big bucks on experiences that will “wow” you (like a private symphony performance in an ancient amphitheater!).
  • WOW! is well-connected. Relationships matter, and we cultivate valuable partnerships all over the globe. Reputations matter, too, and in the past 40 years we’ve earned kudos for excellence and ethical business practices. Our suppliers go the extra mile for us – and thus for you.
  • WOW! hires the greatest guides. The most knowledgeable, passionate and personable local experts travel with the group for the duration of the visit, becoming part of the WOW! family. Our guides don’t follow a script (like they’re expected to do for some companies who strive to duplicate the experience week after week for their mass-market tours).
  • WOW! saves time. Forget about spending countless hours on TripAdvisor, wondering which hotel to choose and what to see/do when you get there. We’ve done all that research. We know this stuff. We’ve been there.
  • WOW! is a complete package. No nickel-and-diming; no hidden fees – you know up-front what your journey will cost. The price includes all in-country transportation, most meals with local drinks, taxes, fees, admissions, basic travel insurance and appropriate gratuities to all service providers – including tour guides. Surprises included, too!
  • WOW! is “wow! That’s an exclamation you’ll hear a lot on our journeys. After all, we’re not called WOW! for nothin’!